Thursday, May 24, 2018

Fact Friday- Baseball Week

You're probably wondering why we make such a big deal about Baseball Week here at Triple Fresh. There's actually not much to the story, other than a love for baseball, a love for pleasing customers, and a mindset to not take the work place "too seriously."

Baseball Week was started 10 years ago by (younger) Jim Petro. The year 2008 saw a red hot season by the Philadelphia Phillies which would later earn them a World Series win at the end of the year. Baseball fever was high and the Petro family had their own love of baseball in their lives. What better to combine their love of baseball with their love of serving their community?

Baseball Week serves to celebrate baseball and to also celebrate you, our neighbors. During this week you could win free stuff, baseball tickets, discounts, Belly points, or dollars off your sandwich.

Sure, the Phillies aren't where they were 10 years ago. That doesn't mean that Baseball Week isn't any less important here. Besides, the Petros are Yankees fans!

Ballpark food without the ballpark prices! 

From left: Khadejah, Lindsey, Karli 

From left: Rachael, Piggy, Lindsey 

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