Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fact Friday - Torte vs Cake

Here at Triple Fresh we are proud to provide the best quality desserts from Pellman Foods. Pellman’s is a local and family owned dessert provider where their specialty is quality cheesecakes, cakes, and tortes.

Which brings us to the subject, what is a torte? It looks like a cake, is served with a fork like a cake, and even sits on a plate like a cake. So how is it any different? Well, here are a few things that we’ve discovered:

A standard chocolate Torte from Pellman Foods
  • Very little to no flour in use
  • Ground nuts and breadcrumbs can take the place of flour
  • Short in stature
    • Average 2-4 inches in height
    • Since there is no flour, it will not rise to the height of a cake
  • Not much room for various sizes
  • Tortes are more elegant and elaborate in their design
  • Toppings mostly consist of frosting, glaze, creams, and nuts.
  • Before it’s decorated it is soaked in syrup or liqueur to give it a moist texture

Peanut Butter Cup Triple Chocolate Cake from Pellman Foods

  • Common ingredients include sugar, eggs, butter, and flour
  • Can be taller in height
    • Around 4 inches in height
    • Due to the flour, cakes rise when they are baking
  • Ton of room for creativity
  • Cakes are served in various shapes, sizes, and colors

There is no scientific research that shows one is more delicious than the other. Cakes however are more popular than tortes.  If you want to expand your dessert options, we would suggest a torte for you; specifically from Pellman Foods. You can find both of these delicious desserts in our freezer section right in the store. Pick one up today!

Source used: https://www.proflowers.com/blog/difference-between-torte-and-cake

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