Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Now Hiring! Deli Associate

Triple Fresh is Now Hiring! - Apply in Store Today

Deli Associate

Job Summary
The overall responsibility of the Deli Associate is to assist deli customers with their order and to suggest if additional purchases are required. Also to perform a variety of food preparation tasks in all areas of the Deli. 

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Prepare a variety of foods according to customer orders or Deli managers.
2. Strictly adheres to the Triple Fresh menu and ingredients as spelled out in the Deli Manual
3. Operates all deli equipment in accordance with customers’ orders, weighing and pricing accordingly. (Must be 18 or old to perform this task)
4. Control portions and wrap all food items as required, label or identify correctly.
5. Be aware of all food specials and Chef Case offerings
6. Interact with customer for possible “up-selling” of other store items. Make sure they have coupon booklets.
7. When not assisting customers make sure all working and food prep areas are clean, maintained and stocked.
8. Put away any unused food items in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage.
9. Transport dirty dishes and utensils to the dish washing areas and properly place for cleaning.
10. Wash, peel and cut various foods to prepare for cooking, serving and/or storing for future use.
11. Assist the meat department with the wrapping of raw products for sale.
12. Keep Hot Food Station fully stocked and rotate from breakfast to lunch accordingly.
13. Assist the Deli Manager on a daily basis in the areas of 
i) Cleanliness
ii) Proper stock levels
iii) Organized and neat
iv) Food items stored correctly
v) Security and Safety measures are observed by employees.
14. Maintain Coffee Station and track its spoilage. Reports results to Deli Manager.
15. Works with Deli Manager to reduce spoilage to within established parameters.
16. Advises Deli Manager of all extraordinary observations or issues.
17. Assists in key areas like preparing deli or party trays and prepared food cases as needed.
18. Communicates and supports Deli as required.
19. Work with and support other departments within the Triple Fresh organization.
20. Other duties as assigned.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Triple Fresh Baseball Week 2017
   Everyone who is familiar with our down home country market knows that the Triple Fresh family loves baseball! In fact, we love it so much, that every year we host a “Baseball Week” in our store, so our customers can enjoy it as well!
   Baseball week will be from April 22nd – April 29th and will take place at Triple Fresh Market. We welcome everyone to come by and enjoy the specials we have to offer. Enjoy any sandwich from our deli menu on a delicious pretzel bun and you will get a chance to play “Deli Baseball” to win a prize! Or order from our specialty hot dog menu to try something “from left field.”
   Triple Fresh will be starting off Baseball Week with a cotton candy, and popcorn machine. So be sure to stop by on the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd for some fun baseball snacks!
   Dare we forget to mention that our market will also be bringing back the Phillies Ticket Giveaway? Customers who spend $25 or more will receive a chance to win! Winners will be announced shortly after Baseball Week is over.

Even if you’re not a Phillies fan, we know hope for your team springs eternal!  Tell your friends and family to join our friends and family while we celebrate Baseball Week April 22nd – 29th. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Triple Fresh Easter Egg Hunt – Huge Success!
   Sunday, April 9th, 2017 was a beautiful day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature was a perfect tell-tale that spring is finally here to stay. But it wasn’t just any lovely spring day, it was also the day that Triple Fresh hosted their Annual Easter Egg Hunt.
   The Easter Egg Hunt this year turned out to be a big hit. There were plenty of familiar faces, and some new faces as well! Triple Fresh couldn’t be any more thrilled with how this event turned out. Everyone had a great time, and next year we plan to come back even bigger with more eggs, more candy, and more prizes! Children took pictures with the Easter Bunny, hunted for eggs, and had lots of fun playing in the yard next door.

   A big congrats goes out to our two “Golden Egg” winners, who each won a special Easter Basket filled with toys and goodies. We hope that everyone that attended this special event will come back for more next year. Hoppy Easter!


Friday, April 7, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt

Triple Fresh Hosts their Annual Easter Egg Hunt Bigger & Better this Year

   Be sure to mark your calendar for Sunday, April 9th, because the Easter Bunny will be visiting Triple Fresh again, and he has twice as many eggs as last year!
   Last year, dozens of East Fallowfield community members, as well as non-locals, came to our first ever Easter Egg Hunt. This year, we’re making it even more enjoyable. The Egg Hunt will be hosted in the front and back yard of the house next door off of Buck Run Road. Triple Fresh invites parents and children ages 10 and under to come join the fun as we celebrate one of our favorite events! The Egg Hunt starts promptly at 1:10 p.m., so don’t be late! Parking will be available at the Market, as well as the lot across the street next to People’s Hall. Make sure to get here a little early and stop by our barbecue for a bite to eat. On a time crunch? No worries, our outdoor barbecue is open for business until 6 p.m.!
   Children will be divided into two age groups. Younger children (ages 1-5) will have their egg hunt in the back yard, while the older children (ages 6-10) have their egg hunt in the front yard. We are hosting our Easter Egg Hunt in a more expansive area, for safety purposes, and of course space to accommodate more participants. We will have some Triple Fresh Staff out there to help monitor the event.
   There will be one Golden Egg for each age group. Whichever child finds the Golden Egg can redeem the ticket found inside the egg at the market for a Grand Prize. So tell your little ones to keep their eyes peeled!

   If you’re a regular customer at our market, then you know how much Triple Fresh strives to be a staple of the East Fallowfield Community. We consider our customers a part of our family, so come join the family fun on Sunday April 9th at 1 pm (and bring your own bag or basket)!

Tony Madrigale

To All of Our Friends and Customers, We at Triple Fresh are very sad to learn of the passing of our former butcher, Tony Madrigale. Tony w...