Sunday, January 21, 2018

The People's Hall Entry #5

We’ve discussed the history of People’s Hall, its link to the building of Triple Fresh, and its place in the community. The building has lived a long life and it is starting to show.

Keep in mind this building was completed in 1847. Think about the many snow storms, thunderstorms, a rare tornado, and other forces of nature it had to endure during its 170 year existence.

Inside the building, there are some exposed ceilings and repairs that are long overdue. Preservation Pennsylvania, according to their site, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping buildings like the People’s Hall. This organization has added the Hall to a list titled “Pennsylvania at Risk”. This means that it is an endangered historical site that urgently needs new repairs and attention.

The People’s Hall is operated by a Board of Trustees. The Board has discussed the difficulty in trying to restore the Hall to suitable physical conditions.

The good news Facebook friend is that you can help! There is a way to make a donation, no matter how big or small, by visiting the website or by visiting the People's Hall Facebook page by clicking “Shop Now”.

The People’s Hall has helped our community through hard times and now it is our turn to help it.
We hope you have enjoyed this mini-series on our neighbors, The People’s Hall. We were very pleased to bring you this exciting story in hopes that its legacy will not be forgotten.

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