Thursday, January 18, 2018

The People's Hall Entry #1

Have you ever wondered about the building with the red door across the street? If you don't know too much about the history, it may surprise you! 

This week we at Triple Fresh would like to highlight our neighbors across the street, The People's Hall. This building has a major place in the history of East Fallowfield. People gathered in this building for church worship, Town Hall meetings, a library, and a polling station. 

A picture of People's Hall circa 1950s
The most important use of this building is its role in the Underground Railroad. Highlighted in the book Ercildoun: A Quaker Village in Chester County, PA author Janet Polk Morris discusses how there is a tunnel that connects People’s Hall with our very own Triple Fresh Market. There is a hidden door in the floor of People’s Hall where slaves would travel between the two buildings. This door has since been sealed. Morris also speaks of the neighboring safe houses that would help those seeking freedom from the Southern states. This is where the freedom seekers were housed and cared for during the day and prepped for transportation during the night.

That historical link between Triple Fresh Market and The People’s Hall shows that our tradition of neighbors helping neighbors existed way back 200 years ago.
Stay tuned to our page as we share more interesting facts about the history of Triple Fresh, its building, and link to The People's Hall.
Source: Ercildoun: A Quaker Village in Chester County, PA by Janet Polk Morris

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